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Recently renovated? Here's how to bring your other rooms up to scratch

It’s been a year like no other. We have faced challenges we never thought we’d have to endure (and got through them). But there is one silver lining to this seemingly never-ending COVID nightmare – it has made us look at the way we use and view our homes, and it has encouraged us to renovate those parts of our properties that may have otherwise been left looking tired, old-fashioned or just plain unusable.

Having been living under strict restrictions in some way or another since March, some of us have had a chance to either carry out a long list of DIY jobs ourselves, or save enough money to complete some much-needed renovation work. In many cases, the pandemic has fast-tracked kitchens, bathrooms, home offices, and all kinds of other reconfigurations that have improved the way we live and work within our own four walls.

The only problem is, these shiny installations are ‘showing up’ the parts of our houses that are also in desperate need of some TLC!

If you’re eager to bring the rest of your rooms up to scratch after some hefty renovations – but you don’t have cash to splash on larger scale alterations – here are three tips to help you create beautiful, functional looks without dipping too far into your savings pot.

  1. A lick of paint really will work wonders

It’s the oldest trick in the book but redecorating a room in a different shade is guaranteed to give it a new lease of life.

If you’re feeling bold, opt for brighter, make-a-statement kinds of colours. Blue-greens, dark blues, orange rusts and bright yellows are very much ‘in’ at the moment. To keep things fresh, choose whites, creams, light greys and sage greens. Calm-inducing grounded tones are making a comeback for 2021; a great example of this is Dulux’s Colour of the Year, Brave New Ground, a warm neutral that will add some earthiness to your palette and stabilise accent tones elsewhere. Patterned wallpaper is also a great option if you want to draw the eye to a particular feature wall.

Don’t neglect your woodwork, either. Coving, skirting boards and doorframes that are scuffed and stained will bring down your entire look. Give them a quick brush over with some quality satinwood paint for classy results.

  1. Try your hand at upcycling

Even if it’s seen better days, none of your existing pieces should ever go to waste during a revamp. It’s SO easy to zhuzh up furniture with new colours, finishes and upholstery (and do your bit for the planet by recycling the items you already have).

If you’re keen to get creative, but maybe lacking a little inspiration, take a look at what’s on offer from Painted House Kent. Owner Tania is a successful ‘upcycler’ who has turned her passion into a brilliant business, and you’ll see from her collection that she’s something of a genius when it comes to repurposing classic-looking chairs, tables, cabinets, beds, desks and all kinds of beautiful yet practical accessories.

Muck N Brass, run by London-based Zoe Pocock, is a melting pot of kitsch glamour and packed full of off-the-wall upcycling ideas. Also, the.mustard.shed is a great account to follow on Instagram if you’re interested in before-and-after footage from two sisters with, and I quote, a ‘love for preloved furniture, home décor and linen’. These ladies are even getting their followers in the festive spirit by transforming tired pieces into Christmas-themed wonders.

  1. Find easier (and cheaper) ways of giving key features a facelift

You don’t need to spend hundreds or thousands of pounds to cheer up your interiors. (In fact, a lot of the work I do as a home stylist is finding ways to make big changes on a limited budget!) The trick is to make sure that the larger, more eye-catching parts of your home look like they are in great condition.

If your kitchen cupboards are looking a bit worn out, you don’t necessarily need to rip them out and start all over again. There are plenty of companies out there offering replacement doors in a huge range of styles and colours, and if you’re not overly DIY-minded, they will even help you measure them up and fit them. The same goes for storage – the right box or caddy will not only help you get rid of all that distracting clutter, it will also add some structure and intrigue to your room if it looks the part and is placed in the right location.

For more home styling ideas, or to discuss your renovation requirements in more detail, contact me today to book in for your free online consultation.

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