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What shade of grey should I use?

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

Trust us when we say, we have heard this question in various guises for many years, the colour is interchangeable and we’ve been through the cream, then white and now grey phase.

In all cases the answer will depend on the natural light in the room, when and how you use the room and it’s aspect (North facing? West facing so warms up all afternoon? Etc)

Grey (or White or Cream) can be chic or clinical, warm or cold with many undertones and bases, so choose accordingly. A silver grey will help your white bathroom suite sparkle, a buttery cream will give a west facing living room it’s own special glow. A white used with a bolder colour will nearly always take on a hue of that colour in reflection…. Remember that many white also have an undertone to account for.

However, I nearly always counter the question with – why do you want cream, white or grey?

There are a whole myriad of ‘neutral’ colours that can be used in interiors, you shouldn’t really decide what that base neutral is until you again look at light, functionality and personality of the room, it’s occupants and the use.

We don’t want to make it complicated – we want you to love the finished article, because it’s right for you, how you live and what you love!

For us it’s never about the latest ‘look’ or what you see on the high street or in the glossy’s unless it totally fits in with you!

So don’t ask yourself (or us) what shade of grey (or white or cream) you should use, ask yourself (& tell us) how you want to feel, then let us help you find the perfect colour -which may or may not be grey!

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