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Lockdown 2.0: Spending more time in and on your home

It’s November 2020, and yet again, we find ourselves in lockdown in another attempt to curb COVID transmission rates throughout England.

We all have differing views on how much of an impact Lockdown 2.0 is going to have on businesses, families and the nation’s mental health – but the fact is, we can’t change the situation we’re in now. We need to get on with it the best we can and put the time we’re spending in our homes to good use.

Many of us used those extra hours in spring and early summer to get all the major jobs done around the house. Skips were hired, paint was purchased, barbecues were installed, and we generally emerged from the experience at the end of June having spent a lot of time and energy on renovating and revamping our living spaces.

We’re definitely feeling more organised, but there are still likely to be a few niggly bits that need our attention. Scuffed skirting boards, patios full of weeds – you know, the kind of things that you look at every day, yet never seem to find the time to sort out. These are the tasks we can focus on in the next few weeks. They are less time-intensive, yet just as rewarding. They will take just a few hours to complete, but you’ll still get the same feeling of satisfaction when you tick them off your list. And I think that celebrating these small wins is just as important as popping open a bottle of bubbly after a larger scale project comes to a close.

Because as much as I am encouraging everybody in my network to be as productive as they can before the country (hopefully) opens up again in December, I don’t think we need to be putting TOO much pressure on ourselves to achieve great things.

We may have seen Lockdown 2.0 coming, but it’s going to be just as challenging as the first time around, especially now that the days are shorter, and the temperatures are dropping. So go easy on yourself. Make plans for your spare time to keep yourself sane, by all means – but give yourself a break if you need to take time out for self-care. Cut yourself a bit of slack if you don’t fancy raking up the leaves from the driveway and you’d rather have a nice, long, warm soak in the bath instead.

If you’ve got a bit of cash to spare, treat yourself to something lovely for your favourite room. Whether it’s a vosy new cushion, a quirky-looking lamp or a high-tech gadget for the kitchen, a new purchase will give you a much-needed pick-me-up and perhaps even add that important finishing touch to your space. If money’s tight, don’t worry – there are plenty of apps you can use to track down unique finds that will bring something fresh to your aesthetics. Try platforms like Gumtree, Shpock, Freecycle and Trash Nothing to see what people are offloading in your local area. You never know, you might be able to grab yourself a bargain and bag yourself a fun little upcycling project at the same time!

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