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FAQ's on property Styling

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

What Services do you offer?

We off a full range of services depending on whether you are selling your property/home, buying a New Build or refreshing you home.

We start with simple consultations where we might simply choose paint colours from full paint deposit cards to ‘done with you’ services to hold your hand along the way or full ‘done for you’ services where you can leave us to deal with everything from services to final staging once your scheme has been agreed.

Do you rent furniture for staging to sell?

If your property is empty, we can rent furniture on your behalf, however if you are selling your current property, we will work with you to choose pieces that you will love enough to take with you to your new home.

What if I just need some ideas?

If you are stuck for ideas of where to start with your New Build, or maybe you are newly divorced/single/empty nesters people often feel a change in their home environment is need to move on. We can help with either mood boards or our very popular Shopping das where we will show you how to build a room from scratch and help you take those very principals throughout your home

Can you help with Decluttering?

Yes! One of the most vital parts of selling your homes is de-cluttering first. We have 2 levels of service, we can suggest what needs doing from photos or a skype call or we can off our full ‘done with you service’ where we will come along, roll our sleeves up and help! We will even take donations to charity shops, or suggest ways to re-use, recycle or turn your clutter into cash. We do not clear any rubbish or items for the dump.

What is the latest interior trend?

We are often asked what’s the latest trend, or colour. We would always ask you more about how you live, what you love and the emotions you are looking to feel & project from you home. We are less concerned with what everyone else is doing and more about what’s going to make you fall in love with your home.

Why should I spend money on a home I’m trying to sell?

Ask yourself why you are selling – need more room? Less Room? At a different stage in our life? More kids? No longer got the kids at home? The chances are your home shows the reason you are going, yet you are trying to get the best price and attract the perfect buyer who is motivated and determined to have your home.

Also think about this – when you are looking for something to buy, don’t you love the properties that look like you can just unpack? That actually if they could leave all of their stuff that would just be fine with you? If you are that buyer, then you want that buyer for your place!!

In order to sell quickly for the best price, you need to make your home look like its perfect for the right buyer. So if all you kids have left home and left all the stuff they don’t want in their new place with you having loved being their for their whole lives the chances are it is the perfect ‘forever home’ for a growing family – so let’s make it look like that!

Staging (Styling) to sell is common place in the USA & Australia, it can make the difference of £000’s of pounds for your few hundred £’s of spend.

I know what I want – I just can’t find it, Help!

Don’t worry! We have access to so many suppliers, if you can tell us, it’s likely we can find it. Honestly even if you can’t tell us exactly, chances are we will find something you will love anyway!

I don’t have a huge budget – can you still help?

Yes!! We spend your money like it is our own! If you ae looking for just one piece to pull everything together – no problem. If you want to start small and do a room at a time – no problem. Budgets are important, we know that. There is always something that can be done, but be warned we will draw you back down to earth if your budget doesn’t match your dreams!

Do you do the decorating & maintenance or building work yourself?

Not personally – but we do have a team of trusted services that we can bring in and project manage for you if necessary.

*Please not we do not offer project management for ay services we have not recommended.

What scale of projects do you take on?

We will take on projects from simply choosing a paint colour to full planning from build stage suggesting where you might like to place plug sockets, internal doors, radiators & built in wardrobes before we even get to the interiors stage. We know how infuriating it is having done an extension and there isn’t a single wall you can use because it’s not been planned corrected first. WE can help with kitchen design (not CAD drawings) choosing the perfect bathroom suite, where to put the utility room and how to squeeze a study or workspace into a project.

I want my house to look like it was all my idea!

No problem, we get that all the ideas in your house have to reflect you, we encourage your home to be all about you (unless you are selling). We won’t tell anyone we had a helping hand if you don’t want us to. You are the most important aspect of any project – if you don’t love your home, we haven’t done the right job!

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